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Welcome to the world of PRIMEPUCKS™- the premier fantasy hockey websites once 2011! At least that's what we believe.  PrimePucks™ is fully dedicated to providing to you with the most comprehensive analysis of player and team statistics in order to make decisions in regards to your fantasy hockey team(s).  With our experience, PrimePucks™ tries to  project future player performances to help you draft the best team possible, to stay competitive through trades and waiver wire additions, and most importantly, bring home the trophy.

PrimePucks™ bringsinsightful analysis on players of ascending and descending fantasy value, for each position throughout the season. Nagging injuries, line combinations, quality power-play time, defensive shortcomings: all the factors that greatly affect the fantasy value of players and we are on top of the latest news. PrimePucks™ is confident that our information will keep you one step ahead of the competition.

So browse the site and let us know what you like, what you would like to see, and what you think should be done differently.   If you like Dobber Hockey, we think you'll love PrimePucks™!

Thanks, from all of us at PrimePucks™, for taking the time to visit our site.


PrimePucks™ is here to provide you, the fantasy hockey fan and every hockey fan, with the most pertinent and up-to-date NHL and hockey player information available so that you can make the most informed decisions regarding your fantasy hockey team(s). PrimePucks™ believe, with our combined 40+ years of fantasy experience and our knowledge of the game itself, that we can provide, along with your own knowledge, with the tools so that you can compete year-in and year-out in all of your fantasy pools.


Now a little bit about me.


Hello.  My name is Ray, aka Razor, and I’ve been involved in fantasy hockey since 1995 when I drafted my first fantasy hockey team.  No, I'm not related to PJ Stock.  At least not that I know of.  From the very start, I was hooked on fantasy hockey.  I was, and still am, a die-hard Ranger fan, so when asked to join the guys at work in their hockey pool, I said, “sure why not, it should be a lot of fun”.  Who knew that I would become addicted?  Finishing in fourth place in my very first year didn’t seem to be a bad start.  Just like most young talented NHL players (believe me I am not comparing myself physically or as talented as they are), I broke out in the fourth year and won my first title.  I won my second title the following year, the last time one owner won back-to-back titles in our fantasy league.

Steve (who was one of my partners here at PrimePucks™) and I had been talking about partnering up for years and always dreamt of how good we would be as a team.  So, we joined forces and won the title in our first year together in 2007.  We finished 2nd the following year, losing by a measly 6 points before deciding to split up the partnership and go back on our own

To show just how obsessed I was with fantasy hockey, not even the lockout season could hold me back.  I created an AHL fantasy league the year of the 2004 lockout where I finished first and learned a great deal about the up-and-comers of the time; Spezza, Boyes, Bryzgalov, Laich etc.  It seems so long ago now.

A few years ago I joined a Canadian-based fantasy league by answering a forum notice.  This was a chance to see how I would fare against a group who I have had no prior knowledge of.  After an inconsistent first year, I finished in 2nd place in my second year and went into the playoffs and won the championship.  I finished 3rd the next season before getting knocked out in a tough playoff battle, losing by less than one goal’s point value.  In my third year, I finished in 3rd place and this past season I ended up in 7th.  I'll be back next season as I will use the 2012-2013 lockout shortened season as an excuse.  LOL.

A little background of myself outside of fantasy hockey.  I grew up, and have lived in Queens, New York my entire life.  I have earned a business degree in statistical analysis from City University.  I am married and have 4 children and been involved at one time or another in coaching baseball, basketball, soccer, ice and roller hockey, and softball.  I am also a volunteer for the American Cancer Society.  You can check out my team "Rays of Light" on their website.  I consider myself one of the luckiest men alive because I am a lung cancer survivor for 11 years now.  You can probably catch me around Times Square during lunchtime on weekdays, so stop me and say 'hi" and we can talk pucks.