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Posted by ray on Sun, 2013-11-03 11:33

It appears that the NY Rangers are waking up from their horrendous opening season road trip.

One who was definitely caffeinated last night was Derek Stepan with the hattie.

If you would have told me a month ago that Colorado would be leading the entire NHL in points at this juncture, I would have said ‘you’re crazy!”

Last Sunday I mentioned that it would be a good time to try and get Patrick Sharp on your team.  He had 4 points in 3 games this week.  Times up!

I am amazed that Edmonton can’t get their act together.  When will the tide finally turn for this team?

I’m so glad that Max Pacioretty is back n the lineup for the Habs.  They are so good when he’s in their lineup.

It’s nice to see Tampa Bay and Toronto at the top of the Atlantic standings.

The Oilers are saying thank goodness for the Buffalo Sabres.  I think.

Nashville is playing tough without their top netminder Pekka Rinne.  Hopefully he will return this season.

Of course I write about Blackhawk Brandon Pirri in my latest “UNDER THE RAYDAR” piece and he goes pointless.

In the “Ewwwww” Dept., Yakupov (-12), Hemsky (-11), Marc Staal (-10), RNH (-10), Justin Schultz (-10) and Eric Staal (-10) are having a rough start.  The trend is to not be an Edmonton Oiler or a Staal brother.

I would not have believed that Patrick Kane is a minus 9 so far this season.  Was he on the ice for all the goals against Chicago this season?  It just seems like it I guess.

The Ducks, and Corey Perry, quacked all over the Sabres on Saturday night.

What does this tell you when three rookies in your Sabres lineup are the only players with a + next to their name in that Ducks game?  It tells you that you probably need a new head coach.

You just knew that Ben Bishop was going to put in a solid effort against his former team, the Blues.

It was good to see Jaden Schwartz finally get a decent amount of Shots On Goal last night with 6.

And in the “Inept Game of the Week”, Philly edged out New Jersey 1-0 only because somebody had to win.

Lundqvist is starting to look better.  Perhaps a new contract is on the horizon?

It was like the “old” days of the Southeast Division when the Caps played the Panthers in a tight contest last night.  They seem so long ago.  LOL.  It’s going to take me a while to get used to these new divisions, or whatever they are called now.

Hats off to Pittsburgh backup goaltender, Jeff Zatkoff, who earned his first win in a shutout of the Columbus Blue Jackets.  The Jackets suddenly have seemed to have lost their chutzpah lately by going 3-7-0 in last 10.  Is that spelled correctly?

Brooks Orpik’s 2-game point scoring streak came to an end Friday against Columbus.  He may never reach those heights again this season.  Ehhh, who am I kidding?  He may.

Berto blanked the team everyone had him pegged as being traded to.  Perhaps the asking price wasn’t too much?

12 shots on goal in a game is truly amazing; even more so for a defenseman.  Alex Edler receives the “Not Shy” award for Saturday’s games.  He beat out Logan Couture who had 10.

Phoenix always seems to give San Jose a hard time, don’t they?

This is for you Matt.  Kopitar is a beast!

Enjoy your week!