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Posted by ray on Sun, 2014-01-05 08:09

Hot coffee on a cold morning.  Mmmmmmmm.

The Bruins stopped the Jets dead in their tracks with a 4-1 pasting.  Boston D Torey Krug is having a sensational rookie campaign.

The San Jose/Colorado afternoon match was very entertaining, especially the second period. 

Those Sharks are deadly.

I’m sure Jamie McGinn was happy to score against his former team.

If you haven’t noticed, Buffalo has been playing better hockey over the last 15 games or so.

The Rangers had an offensive explosion with 7 goals against Toronto on Saturday night.

Dominic Moore had two goals in the contest.  Happy for him.

It’s only a matter of time before Joffrey Lupul goes on a tear.  He had 7 SOG last night and 7 the other night against Buffalo.

I think Shea Weber is starting to go on a little bit of a run offensively.  13 points in last 11 games. 

Amazing that Nashville D-man Ryan Ellis was the only Predator without a SOG against Florida.  Hmmmm.

Jeff Skinner is having the kind of season we all knew he had in him; he just needs to stay healthy.

The St. Louis Blues just get scoring from everyone in their lineup.

Is Braden Holtby really this bad?

Mike Green has awoken with 2 goals last night, just in time for him to get injured again.

Ryan Suter with a hat trick reminded me of the old Al MacInnis days.

The Wild scored 5 goals on 11 shots on goal.  Either they are that good (not!), or Washington needs some goaltending help (YES!).

Did you know that the Flyers are in 7th place in the Eastern Conference after that terrible start?  And just a few points out of being in 5th?  They are for real folks.

Colonel Klinkhammer with a goal and 3 SOG in just under 11 minutes played.  Yeah baby!

I think that the NHL’s Committee for Player Safety ought to get a bit tougher with these suspensions.  It certainly isn’t curbing anyone from trying to ruin the lives and careers of their fellow colleagues.

Mason beat a Smith, just like in Colonial days.

Quick is back and cured the LA Kings woes after the team lost 5 straight.  Bye for now Mr. Jones.  “It’s not you, it’s me” kinda thing.

You gotta love this 3-team race in the Western Conference between Chicago, St. Louis and Anaheim.

Have A Happy and Healthy New Year everyone!